Enjoy a complete lobster menu – appetizers and entrees – Now thru July 29th!


Lobster Cocktail $17.99

lobster meat served with cocktail and mustard sauces

P.L.T. and Mozzarella $17.99

a tower of fresh prosciutto, lobster meat, tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil and balsamic reduction

Lobster Arancini $12.99

fried risotto balls with sautéed artichoke heart, corn, tomato, and diced lobster. Served with a lemon pepper and tarragon aioli

Lobster en Carrozza $15.99

lobster meat, spinach, and sundried tomato aioli pressed between sourdough bread and pan fried. Served with warm lobster marinara sauce, ricotta salata, and micro basil


Entrées come with an Insalata Mista or a cup of Chicken Orzo Soup

Lobster Risotto $36.99

sautéed lobster meat with seasoned Roma tomatoes, smokey bacon and local basil over a creamy chopped spinach and Romano risotto

Lobster Stuffed Shells $29.99

a mixture of lobster meat, lump crab, and shrimp with ricotta and mozzarella stuffed inside pasta shells then baked in a creamy lobster marinara sauce

Half Pound Lobster Roll $39.99

half pound of lobster meat with a touch of mayonnaise and lemon juice in a toasted Brioche roll, served with truffled frites

Lobster Fettuccini $29.99

sautéed lobster meat in a white wine garlic-butter sauce with sundried tomatoes, lemon, and fried sage tossed with fettuccini pasta

Twin Lobster Tails $39.99

served over a medley of corn, red bliss potatoes, green peas, and roasted tomatoes with a lemon-tomato butter sauce

Lobster Summer Salad $29.99

lobster meat with avocado, fresh corn, tomatoes, zucchini strings, mixed greens and homemade pesto